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Savannah Tracks - White / Pink / Burgundy / Dark Blue

Savannah Tracks - White / Pink / Burgundy / Dark Blue

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Legend has it that the first Dagaaba man to settle in modern Lawra in Ghana was a man named Kontol. He crossed the river from what is now Burkina Faso in pursuit of wildlife. After a while he stopped as he felt thirsty. Finding no streams or lakes to quench his thirst he followed the tracks of the wildlife as their hooves and paws left dotted red and pink tracks in the red earth of the bleached white vegetation of the savannah, and this led him to a water hole where he founded our hometown, Lawra.

SKU: 520-1

Width: 43in

Repeat: V: 4 1/2in H: 3/16in

Content: 100% Cotton

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Notes: 3 yard minimum on Boon & Up textiles. Can custom color with 5 yard minimum. Woven to order.

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