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End Papers Wallpaper - The Name of the Rose

End Papers Wallpaper - The Name of the Rose

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Trims to 28in wide. Sold by the 8 yard roll.
Endpapers, traditionally placed on the inside covers of leather-bound books, served the purpose of safeguarding the valuable text at the beginning and end of a book from wear and tear. The use of marbled papers for this protective function likely originated in 16th-century Persia, later spreading to Turkey and across Europe. Over time, each country developed its distinct and favored techniques for achieving marble effects on these endpapers. Drawing inspiration from a traditional Italian style of marbling, we crafted a flawless repeat pattern. The outcome is a striking design that, despite its ancient roots, exudes a bold and modern aesthetic.

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Width: 30in

Repeat: 20in

Content: Rag Paper

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Notes: 2 roll minimum for standard, 10 roll minimum for custom. Sold by the 8 yard roll.

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